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Accessories for embroidery machines

Expand the possibilities of your production with the right embroidery machine accessories!

With the right accessories, you can expand the capabilities of your embroidery business or at least make your embroidery life a little easier. There is a wide range of accessories, from very universal systems such as the Melco Fast Clamp to very product-specific hoops such as the cap frame. Here you can find an overview:

Melco Fast Clamp

The revolutionary Melco Fast Clamp allows you to embroider items in places that were previously impossible or very difficult to embroider. The flexible and easy to use system allows the decoration of shoes, bags and backpacks, saddlebags, carpets, belts and ribbons, shirt and trouser pockets and much more. 

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Standard Hoops

The proven standard hoops allow embroidery on most flat garments at a comparatively low price. They are made of plastic or wood and come in various sizes and shapes.

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Magnetic Hoops

Magnetic hoops cover the same range of applications as standard hoops. Instead of hooping with muscle power, however, you can use the power of strong magnets. This makes handling faster and more comfortable. Materials with zippers and strong seams can also be clamped without any problems.

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Fast Frames

Instead of clamping the material like other hoops, the fast frames use adhesive backing to hold and tension a garment. They are extremely useful for embroidering areas which are on the edge of a garment and cannot be clamped with «normal» hoop or, only with difficulty. This includes shirt collars, socks, but also all items which are too small to be clamped with other hoops.

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Other accessories

You will find information here on other accessories for your Melco embroidery machine. This includes table tops as well as cap frames and HoopMasterTM hooping aids. Slim-Line clamping frames, border frames and Micro Clamp pocket frames are also presented here.

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