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Magnetic Hoops

Fast, easy and strong — MightyHoopTM magnetic hoops

Since their introduction, the MightyHoopTM magnetic hoops have enjoyed great popularity. They offer a number of important advantages in terms of handling, flexibility and material wear and tear. In principle, you can replace the standard hoops in almost all applications, but they do not offer the same material tension on all materials, which can have a negative effect on the embroidery quality in extreme cases.



Due to the very strong magnets of these hoops, they are unsuitable for people with pacemakers.

Advantages of magnetic hoops

Extremely fast and easy hooping

Magnetic hoops make hooping super easy. Simply place the lower ring along with the backing underneath the garment. Then you hold the upper ring over the same area and the magnets hoop the garment immediately and without any effort. Hooping can be so easy and fast!

No imprints or hoop burn on garments

Clamping hoops normally leave a mark on the fabric after it has been removed from the hoops. This is because the material is pulled slightly apart between the two hoop rings. After a wash this is usually gone again. Very sensitive materials can, however, be damaged. This is not the case with magnetic hoops — helping you to protect the material and save yourself the washing.

Jackets, zippers and strong seams are no problem

With conventional hoops, thicker materials cannot be hooped or only with difficulty. Winter jackets or garments with zippers and strong seams are often a problem. Thanks to the strong magnets of the MightyHoopTM hoops, articles with these features can also be hooped. The tension and the hold remain very good, so that the embroidery quality meets the highest expectations.

What magnetic hoops are there?

From very small to really big

The MightyHoopTM range offers a large and constantly growing variety of hoop sizes. The sizes largely coincide with those of the standard hoops. However, all magnetic frames, except one, are not round, but square. We would be happy to advise you which size is best suited for your needs.

Sleeve Hoop

A special hoop from the MightyHoopTM range is the sleeve hoop. It allows the hooping of sleeves, trouser legs and other tubular garments. The embroidery field is 7.1 cm in height and 30.3 cm in length. In combination with the smallest free arm in the world of Melco embroidery machines, you can therefore embroider garments with the smallest openings.