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Other embroidery machine accessories

Our Accessories — Get the most out of Melco Embroidery Machines

Choosing the right embroidery accessories is important for your success in the embroidery business. Professional embroidery machine accessories are crucial in order to meet the diverse customer requirements.

With our accessories we set the same high standards of quality, efficiency and user-friendliness as with our machines themselves. Convince yourself with our selection.

In addition to the Melco Fast Clamp, the Standard- and Magnetic Hoops as well as the Fast Frames, there are many other possibilities. You can find them here:

Border Frame

The border frame is the only frame that allows the usage of the maximum sew field of 41 x 40 cm of the Melco embroidery machines. It is suitable for the production of borders as well as for the embroidery of badges and large-area designs.

HoopMaster Hooping Aid

The HoopMaster is the best-selling hooping aid worldwide. Hooping precisely can be done easily and quickly without tools. A numbered grid can be used to record exact positioning for re-production. All components are made of high-quality materials and guarantee many years of use.

Table Tops

As an ideal embroidery machine accessory, the table tops stabilize the embroidery frame or hoop and thus permit higher embroidery speeds with improved embroidery quality.

Cap Frame

With 82 x 362 mm, the Melco cap embroidery frame offers the largest cap sew field in the industry. The excellent stabilization of the cap allows embroidery at up to 1200 stitches per minute.

Micro Clamps

Micro Clamps are used to embroider chest pockets, trouser legs and other articles with small openings. Even large designs can be embroidered with them in good quality and at high speed. The Melco Fast Clamp replaces most of the functions of this system.

Slim Line Clamps

The clamping frames are available in different sizes and are a suitable embroidery machine accessory for embroidering saddlebags, notebook cases and other very thick or slippery items directly and without annoying imprints. With the Melco Fast Clamp, however, you also cover all the functions of this frame system.