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Embroider (almost) anything

Decorate thousands of garments and materials with your embroidery machine!

Thanks to the smallest lower arm in the world in combination with the right accessories and the automated thread tension, almost all items and almost every material can be embroidered with a logo, lettering or monogram. Here we show you some examples of what can be decorated.

If you are not sure whether your garment can be embroidered, please contact us, and we will test it for you.

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Embroidery on workwear

With Melco embroidery machines you can decorate all garments in the workwear sector. Embroider corporate fashion such as jackets, pullovers, t-shirts, trousers, aprons, gloves or work shoes quickly and efficiently. Thanks to special accessories such as the Melco Fast Clamp you can even do so in special places such as the flaps of pockets on overalls or work trousers. If your customers want personalized workwear, you can even automate this process with our software solutions.

Embroider promotional items

Our embroidery machines are also used in the promotional products industry for the decoration of promotional gifts such as towels and bath towels, bathrobes, lanyards, key rings, pillowcases, beauty bags, place mats and many other items. We also offer solutions for the personalization of these articles via webshops or directly at events.

Embroider baby garments

Customised baby clothes and baby accessories are big business, but due to their small size they are sometimes difficult to embroider. Our small free arm allows access to the smallest rompers, baby clothes and baby shoes. Strollers, bibs, blankets, diaper bags, hot water bottles and cuddly toys can also be personalised quickly.

Embroider sporting goods

You want to equip sports teams? Embroider jerseys, sports pants, legwarmers and socks as well as sweat- and headbands in top quality. Embroider performance wear in fantastic quality and equip your local teams.

Embroider pet accessories

A very lucrative business for many of our customers is pet supplies. Saddle pads (picture), blankets and riding equipment for equestrian sports, collars and leashes for dogs and cats or even personalised beds and bags — when it comes to people's best friends, we are generous. With our embroidery machines you also benefit from this clientele.

Embroider car accessories and interiors

Some of the world's largest car manufacturers, as well as smaller car workshops, use our embroidery machines for the decoration and customization of vehicle interiors. Embroider carpets and floor mats as well as leather and fabric upholstery. Give your customers' cars an individual and high-quality touch!

Embroider caps and other headwear

You want to embroider caps, hats or beanies? Our machines are perfect for that! We offer you the largest sew field on caps and the highest stitch speed in the industry.

More about embroidery on caps

Embroider shirts and polos

Shirts can be embroidered in all places with our embroidery machines. Embroider shirt collars or monogram cuffs. Thanks to the smallest free arm in the world, you can also embroider shirt pockets — without tearing them open and sewing them back on. With the help of the automated thread tension, the embroidery will look perfect even on the most sensitive shirt fabrics and puckering is minimised.

Embroider shoes

Personalised shoes are currently the bestseller in the industry — you too can benefit from this. Whether football boots, running shoes, sandals or chucks — thanks to the smallest free arm and the Melco Fast Clamp we offer you the largest sew field on shoes. You can also embroider smaller shoe sizes without any problems, as our embroidery machines only require a small opening for this. Our personalization software even helps some of the largest shoe manufacturers in the world to create custom shoes.

Embroider bags and backpacks

Use the Melco Fast Clamp to easily embroider backpacks, bags and pouches — even in special areas such as ribbons and straps or smaller sewed-on bags.

Embroider badges, name badges and borders

In addition to products that you can embroider, there are also products that you can produce with the embroidery machine. With a table top, the border frame and twill, high-quality badges, patches, name badges or embroidery art can be created. With the Melco EFS Software, you can even turn the production of individual name tags into a profitable business thanks to automation.


Embroider any material

Embroidery on leather

With the right needle, leather can be embroidered very well with our embroidery machines. Thanks to the automated thread tension, which protects the material, the result is of very high quality and the leather is not damaged at all.

Embroidery on silk

Melco embroidery machines protect the material thanks to Acti-FeedTM technology, making them ideal for embroidery on silk. One of the world's largest silk manufacturers therefore also relies on embroidery machines from our company.

Embroidery on organza

Like silk, organza is also an extremely thin and sensitive material. Here, too, you benefit from the advantages of our patented thread tension technology — unique embroidery results guaranteed.

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