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DesignShop 11 EDITOR

Edit designs, personalize and improve efficiency!

Are you an embroiderer with a focus on efficiency and quality? Do you often have to edit stitch-based embroidery files (DST etc.), do you want to personalize products and create name tags? DesignShop 11 EDITOR is the perfect tool for you! It contains all features of the levels LETTERING as well as the following:

Important features of DesignShop 11 EDITOR

Personalize in seconds

Creating single names can be exhausting. With «group names» it is a piece of cake! Single names can be done in seconds by copy-pasting the names into DesignShop and saving designs individually or filling a hoop with multiple designs by using «step and repeat».


Edit faster and more precisely

EDITOR allows you to edit wire frames in «Bezier mode» which makes it more efficient and improves quality. Not only can you edit outlines, you can also edit stitches. This is very useful when working with file formats such as DST, EXP or other non-OFM formats.


Save time, make money and be creative!

Thanks to the digitizing capabilities of DesignShop 11 EDITOR you can easily add borders to designs and create shapes without having to ask a digitizer to do it.


Alignment Tools

Aligning lettering with parts of a design or other lettering must be as accurate as possible and can be tedious — with DesignShop 11's alignment tools it is done with just one click.


Custom Library with Designs and Shapes

In embroidery, you'll often need to use the same designs or symbols (copyright, trademark, stars etc.) over and over again to create designs your customers love. Rather than having to re-digitize them every time, you can simply drag & drop them from the «Custom Library» into your embroidery project. We've also added 12 emojis so you can create fun designs for your clients in seconds.


Character List New with DesignShop 11

We have added a new «Character List» for all digitized alphabets, True- and OpenType-fonts. This allows easier selection of special European characters (ä, é, ç etc.) in alphabets and it also allows the user to insert special characters from Open- and TrueType-fonts but cannot be found on the keyboard into their lettering.


Stipple Fill New with DesignShop 11

A new «Stipple Fill» stitch type has been added to DesignShop. It allows for great new effects and can also be used for quilting.

Stitch Effects

Impress your customers with unique designs by using a wide range of special «Stitch Effects» included in DesignShop 11.

The Melco Advantage

At Melco we always put efficiency, quality and ease-of-use first when we develop solutions for garment decorators. Because we're the only manufacturer in the industry who produces and develops their own software and embroidery machines, we can also offer you some unique advantages when combining our products with each other. Here are some advantages with DesignShop 11 that are available for all software levels:

OFM – the industry's smartest file format!

The OFM file format is unique in the industry and can only be created with DesignShop! Unlike other file formats in embroidery, the file format is the same on the machine and in the digitizing software, meaning you don't have to export your digitizing projects to a machine format every time. This allows us to store all production-relevant information on a single file instead of just stitch and trim information (think DST etc.). The OFM format therefore contains not only stitch information, but also colour information and information on special effect settings — all this reduces setup times and production errors greatly. Since the machine can also work with vector files which are also in OFM, the size of the embroidery design can be reduced and enlarged by up to 20% without loss of quality which helps when using «Laser Registration».

Export (almost) any format

DesignShop 11 supports a broad spectrum of industry standard file types, including DST, EXP, EPS, PES and more. Plus, it is the only software that can create OFM files.


Organize your production process with barcodes

Streamline your production process with design barcoding. By using a barcode reader at anytime to recall the design, you can eliminate the need to search for design files on hard drives or disks.

Built-in Thread Charts

Built-in charts for Isacord, Madeira and other major industry brands allow you to match the colours from your graphic file to your favourite thread brand and type.