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What's new in DesignShop 11?

All new features available to you!

DesignShop 11 builds on the successful DesignShop v10. While a lot of existing features have been improved upon, a large amount of completely new and ground-breaking features such as the «Design Checker» have been added to make high-quality digitizing as easy and efficient as possible.

New software levels

We've reduced the amount of available software levels greatly to just four and the previously optional vector option has been removed altogether. This means that users of older DesignShop versions will have to get used to new level names if they want to update their license to DesignShop 11 — here's how it works:

New features for ALL software levels

4K Monitor Ready

Upgrade your user experience with 4K resolution support, scalable user interface (3 icons sizes) and more options easily accessible at your fingertips.

Work more efficiently with Worksheets

Streamline your production process with design barcoding. By using a barcode reader at anytime to recall the design, you can eliminate the need to search for design files on hard drives or disks. Our completely redesigned «Print Function» allows you to create custom worksheets containing all information you need for your production. Simply select all the information you need on your worksheet from a long list including «Active Colours» (every unique colour in the design is listed once), «Colour Sequence», «Thread Consumption», «Barcode» and much more.

New features for LETTERING or higher

Design Checker

Design Checker gives one click evaluation and feedback for wireframe designs and text. It will check your design for the most common design problems so that they can be fixed before production problems occur. Among the things Design Checker looks for are incorrect or missing tie stitches, very short or very long stitches, excessive density, missing underlay, and too many layers of thread. To fix a problem, just double-click on the problem and change the settings as instructed. This DesignShop-exclusive feature will save you time in production as well as training.


175+ Alphabets

With DesignShop 11 LETTERING you get 175+ professionally digitized Alphabets to create beautiful designs for your customers with ease.

15 Monogram Alphabets

DesignShop 11 LETTERING offers 15 monogram alphabets with 80+ decorations so you can take your customization game to the next level.

Two Puff Alphabets

We've added two puff alphabets which allow you to create puff embroidery designs in a few seconds and offer your clients a very popular stitch effect.

Lettering Compensation

Alphabet text can be recognized easily because the letters rarely sew out with a consistent height and base line. Therefore, lettering needs to be adjusted for fabric push in order to be consistent and look pleasing to the eye. Our new Lettering Compensation feature does that tedious job for you with one click and you'll get better quality lettering for your customers to enjoy.


Lettering Trim Options

DesignShop v11 makes trim properties easier to use. There are new one-click options for «trim between letters», «trim between words» and «trim when specified».

Flat Fill for Lettering

Using the flat fill mode allows users to take any alphabet text and instantly convert the letters into a flat step stitch fill. This is a must for large letters (think back of a jacket) and increases the quality of your large lettering.


Auto-Underlay with Presets

The Auto-Underlay Presets offer an instant way to change underlay values for lettering and designs. With one-click you can adjust an entire design that was originally set up for a light garment to sew beautifully on a thick knit fabric.

New features for EDITOR or higher

Character List

We have added a new «Character List» for all digitized alphabets, True- and OpenType-fonts. This allows easier selection of special European characters (ä, é, ç etc.) in alphabets and it also allows the user to insert special characters from Open- and TrueType-fonts but cannot be found on the keyboard into their lettering.


Stipple Fill

A new «Stipple Fill» stitch type has been added to DesignShop. It allows for great new effects and can also be used for quilting.

New features for VECTOR or higher

Powerful Graphic Conversion Assistant

The «Graphic Conversion Assistant» is a unique tool in the industry and helps you to learn to digitize and guides you through the process of digitizing step-by-step. This way you can produce quality designs quickly and easily from the very start. For DesignShop 11 it has been completely redeveloped.



The graphic conversion assistant contains great automation-features which makes your digitizing more efficient. «Auto-Start-Stop» automatically puts the start and stop points of two elements where they are closest to each other. «Auto–Generate Walk Stitches» automatically connects elements with a walk stitch underneath an existing element which covers the walk stitch to save trims.

Match Thread Chart

Simply select the thread chart of the brand and type of thread you're using on your machine and the graphic file's colours are automatically converted into a thread colour. This makes colour assignment a breeze! This is especially true if you're using Melco's unique OFM-file format and Melco embroidery machines, as it will allow «Auto-Color Assignment» on the machine.

Define Colour Sequence

You can now change the colour sequence (also sew order) before using «Step Trough» or «Auto-Convert» to digitize your design. This saves you the time to resequence your design after you digitized it.

Find Center Line

The «Find Center Line» function converts lines in a graphic into walk stitches or middle line center within seconds by looking for the center line between two vector outlines.

Define overlapping by block

You can define the overlap-settings for every block that you're digitizing. This gives you perfect flexibility when using «Graphic Conversion Assistant».


With «Presets» you can define what the «Graphic Conversion Assistant» should do for you. This way, you don’t need to edit anything after the digitizing is done. You define what stitch types should be used, how you want entry and exit points to be placed, whether you want walk stitches to be generated or not, how lines should be converted and how detailed you want the design to be.

Curve Smoothing

For pixel files you can adjust the «Curve Smoothing» to get the best results when vectorizing your graphic.


New features for PROFESSIONAL

Library of Decorative Stitches

DesignShop 11 comes with a large library of decorative stitch patterns. We've added 46 exciting new patterns that can really spice up your designs and lettering.


Primer and Basting Stitch

«Primer Stitch» should make your live easier and let you focus on the main tasks when digitizing. It creates a fill area below your whole design or lettering element with just one click. This can be used to tackle down any material such as fleece etc. or to stabilize your design as a whole. Should you have a difficult garment which you can’t hoop properly, you can use the «Basting Stitch» to secure the garment on the hooped backing and remove the stitches easily after the embroidery is done.