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Buying an embroidery machine

Buying Embroidery Machines — Read our Buying Guide

Choosing the right machine is essential when buying an embroidery machine. We can assist you with valuable tips and information to find the right embroidery machine for your needs. We have summarized the most important decisions for you. If you have any further questions, you can of course contact us directly and get advice from our experts.

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The most important factors when buying an embroidery machine:

When buying an embroidery machine, there are some important things to keep in mind. All your considerations should focus on whether the embroidery machine you choose will meet your needs of today and in the future. After all, your embroidery machine should accompany you for many years. You should therefore ask yourself a few questions before buying an embroidery machine:


1. What would you like to embroider?

The most fundamental question when buying embroidery machines is the question of the items to be embroidered. A simpler embroidery machine is sufficient for many purposes. However, this does not have all the functions that are available today. Therefore, always consider the direction where you want to develop in the next few years and whether your embroidery machine can keep up with these developments.


2. What are the production costs?

Embroidery machines are a good investment and therefore, in the long run, investment costs are usually not the most important factor, Wages usually make up the largest portion of the costs. For this reason, it is essential to your business success that you use your valuable manpower as efficiently as possible. With our free Melco Calculator you can calculate your costs before buying and compare several machines with each other. You will then immediately know which embroidery machine is the cheapest in the long term and whether it might even be worth buying several embroidery machine heads at once. Just click on the button to learn more:

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3. How many colours are available?

If you buy an embroidery machine to process larger orders, such as promotional textiles and team wear, you should make sure that the machine has as many colours as possible. This prevents frequent thread changes, which means additional production time.


4. What accessories can you buy to add to the embroidery machine?

When you buy an embroidery machine, it is usually not necessary to buy all the accessories from the start. However, be sure to check what accessories such as additional hoops, clamping systems or magnetic hoops are available and make sure that they will still be available in the long term.


5. What flexibility does your embroidery machine offer after purchase?

Flexibility is one of the most important decision criteria when buying an embroidery machine. On the one hand, this includes the question of how flexibly you can produce with the device itself. For example, if you buy a multi-head embroidery machine, depending on the machine, it may only be able to embroider one design at a time. If you only need one item, the remaining embroidery heads stand still. With four single-head machines, you could do other work with the three remaining heads at the same time. Therefore, check your need for flexibility before making a purchase decision.


6. What is the required productivity?

Productivity should be one of the most important decision factors when purchasing an embroidery machine. After all, wage costs are by far the largest cost factor in the embroidery business. The embroidery speed is therefore the decisive factor. However, you should also take other factors into account: How long does it take, for example, to change a hoop, set up the machine or change the bobbin thread? As a rule, single-head machines are much more productive than multi-head systems, as they have less downtime. With our free Melco Calculator you can calculate your needs yourself — just click on the button:

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7. How big should the sew field be?

A significant difference in the range of functions is the size of the embroidery field. Make sure that the machine you have chosen offers an embroidery field that meets your requirements, or at least that it is possible to assemble larger designs from multiple smaller ones.