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Melco Web Services

With our software it is even easier to be successful in embroidery!

As the inventor of the first computer-controlled embroidery system Digitrac, we have always been the pioneer of software for embroidery and textile decoration. Our portfolio of software solutions is constantly growing and today we offer professional digitizing software, free calculation software as well as solutions for web shops and mass-customization as web services:

Software for Webshops, Mass-Customisation and Automation

Do you operate a web shop or would you like to offer your customers personalised items at POS terminals in your store or at events? Do you produce a variety of name tags and badges? Do you want to offer these services to your customers as quickly, easily and cost-effectively as possible? Then there is only one way and that is automation! With our software solutions Melco Fusion and Melco EFS we bring your textile decorating business into the industry 4.0.

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Software for calculation

The Melco Calculator is a free online tool for embroiderers. It is used to calculate production times and costs for an embroidery order and can also be used for the analysis of an overall production. If you have several embroidery machines, it will also calculate which embroidery machine is the most efficient and how much time and money could be saved.

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