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Melco Fusion

Mass-Customisation in embroidery made easy!

Do you operate a web shop or would you like to offer your customers personalised items at POS terminals in your store or at events? Do you want to offer these services to your customers as quickly, easily and cost-effectively as possible? Then there is only one way and that is automation! With Melco Fusion we bring your textile decorating business into the industry 4.0.

What is Melco Fusion?

Melco Fusion allows you to offer your customers personalized items in your webshop or POS terminal. The product is presented by Fusion in a «decorated state», including a "3D embroidery visualization". Melco Fusion automatically creates a production-ready embroidery file from the client's selections. Load them onto your embroidery machine and the custom garment is produced profitably!

Your advantages with Melco Fusion

What you see is what you get

Misunderstandings are impossible, because the customers get what they see. This also leads to a better conversion rate.

Save costs with virtual products

With Fusion, you can easily and quickly create virtual products to reduce costs and time-to-market.

Automatic design creation

No more tedious and error-prone typing of individual names and no more annoying sending back and forth of samples. We make your life in the personalization business a little easier!

Save time and money in production

The manual work for creating a production file is completely eliminated. The time and money savings are enormous — we are happy to calculate your savings potential!

No more errors

Minimal manual effort also means no chance for typos, colour errors and other manual errors anymore. Our customers reduce their average error rate from 10% to less than 1%.

Personalisation becomes a business

Order quantity 1 becomes lucrative — the costs for the time-consuming creation of a production-ready file are almost completely eliminated.

Printing, embroidery and engraving

Our solutions not only work for embroidery, they can also be used for all printing technologies and engraving.

Decentralised production

Decentralised production is easy to manage because all data is centrally accessible via the cloud and quality will be the same at every production site.


These companies already use our web services

New Balance - Mass Customisation

New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.

Since 2009, New Balance has been using Melco embroidery machines. With a total of 34 Melco embroidery machines, New Balance produces the personalised one-of-a-kind sneakers. In 2013, this was already every fourth shoe sold in the USA. Thanks to Melco's mass customisation solution, 1.5 man-days could be saved in production per 200 pairs of shoes, and the error rate reduced from 10% to less than 1%.

Stickvogel GmbH – The E-Commerce Pioneer

Stickvogel GmbH
Skalitzer Strasse 100
10997 Berlin

The story of Stickvogel begins in 2003, when today's CEO Philip Siefer decided to buy the first embroidery machine and spread his wings towards embroidery. The beginning of a success story. With the foundation of Stickvogel GmbH in 2011, the focus was on B2B business with a unique complete solution for online personalisation and a cooperation with Melco. Based on the Fusion software solution from Melco, the Berlin-based start-up developed a comprehensive e-commerce solution covering all steps of the personalisation service. Stickvogel's complete solution includes the intuitive configuration software, hosting an individual back office and the production of the decoration offered (embroidery, engraving and printing). Stickvogel GmbH relies on Melco for the production of its embroideries. «We expect from our embroidery machines that we can realise individual orders fully automatically and at high speed with little effort. After an extensive market analysis and an intensive testing phase, we chose Melco embroidery machines because they met our extremely specific requirements». Over 20,000 orders were completed in 2013. «Our goal is and always has been to produce a special, high-quality product and «Made in Germany» at fair prices». Customers such as Adidas, Butlers,, silberä, Nautica and Kipling already rely on the cooperation with the Berlin embroidery specialists.