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Melco Fast Clamp

The clamping system — flexible, simple and efficient

The Melco Fast Clamp — MFC for short— is the solution for almost all items that are difficult to hoop. Thanks to its in height, width and depth adjustable clamping arms, it adapts easily and flexibly to any job. It exponentially expands the range of applications of your embroidery machine and simplifies handling in the process.

What can be embroidered with the MFC?


The MFC allows you to easily embroider shoes. Whether on the tongue, on the sides or, on some shoes even on the heel — you can embroider everything. Thanks to the adaptable clamping arms, which perfectly fit on the small free arm of Melco embroidery machines, you will also get a bigger sew field than ever before.

Backpacks and Bags

Backpacks and bags often consist of materials which are difficult to clamp with conventional frames or if they are, the embroidery field is often very limited by the hoops. With the MFC, those days are over — it fits into almost any opening and offers excellent grip. The pocket handles and ribbons can also be easily decorated with the system.

Belts and tapes

Do you want to embroider belts, pet collars or wristlets? This is child's play with the MFC. As the MFC only clamps on both sides, but not on top and bottom, you can use an embroidery field that is unique in height. In combination with the laser positioning of the Melco embroidery machines, it is also no problem to embroider exactly parallel to the seam and centrally — regardless of whether the article was clamped at right angles or not.

Saddle pads, carpets and floor mats

Since the clamping arms of the Melco Fast Clamp are height-adjustable, thicker materials such as horse saddle pads, carpets or floor mats can also be clamped with ease. In addition, the hold is excellent and thus also the embroidery quality, as the material is excellently gripped.

Shirt and trouser pockets

The combination of the smallest free arm in the world of Melco embroidery machines and the MFC allows you to embroider small openings such as shirt pockets and trouser pockets directly. This, without having to remove the pockets beforehand and sew them back on afterwards. Simply place the garment between the clamping arms and over the free arm, close the clamps and off you go!

Embroider previously impossible or difficult areas

The Melco Fast Clamp makes the embroidery of places which were impossible or only very difficult to embroider extremely easy. Whether you want to embroider the flap of a pocket or the fly of a pair of jeans, all you have to do is clamp it and off you go! You can even embroider the most outer edge of a garment, stability is guaranteed. So if you also have a garment or a special part of a garment in mind that has been difficult or impossible to clamp, the Melco Fast Clamp may make it possible. We would be happy to try it out for you!

That's what the MFC offers

Saving Potential

While conventional frames were usually suitable only for one type of garment, and for each sew field size you had to buy another hoop, the MFC offers a favourable all-in-one solution. The MFC system replaces much of the functionality of traditional hoops — from shoe frames to clamping frames to belt frames. You save up to 70% of the purchasing costs.

Since the frame is also extremely easy and fast to use, you also save a great deal of production time and thus money!

Enormous flexibility

The MFC can be used to decorate a huge number of items. From shirts, pants, caps, bags and backpacks, to carpets, floor mats and valances and to ribbons, straps and shoes — there are almost no limits! These items can also be embroidered in completely new places or with a much larger sew field.

This is possible thanks to width-adjustable clamp arms. These are available in 3 different lengths and can be replaced at lightning speed. This allows a flexible embroidery field of 3cm to 23cm in width and 9cm to 18.2cm in depth.

Simple and fast operation

Previously, many items could only be hooped with a great deal of preparation and strength. With the MFC, you simply place it between the two clamp arms and close the clamps - done! Thus, you save both strength and, above all, time.

Like all hoops, clamps and frames for Melco embroidery machines, the MFC also has digital hoop limits. The machine warns you if a design does not fit in the sew field and prevents you from embroidering in the clamps.