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The Melco Calculator is a free online embroidery tool. It is used to calculate production times and costs for an embroidery job and can also be used for the analysis of an overall production. If you have several embroidery machines, it will also calculate which embroidery machine is the most efficient and how much could be saved. This is done on the basis of the following factors: Operating costs, manual work, investment and maintenance costs and the data of the embroidery design.

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What does the Melco Calculator calculate?

The right amount of embroidery heads or the right embroidery machine

If you use the optimum number of embroidery machine heads, you can greatly reduce your production costs. The Melco Calculator shows you quickly and easily the right number of embroidery machine heads for each job — including the savings potential.

Choosing the right number of embroidery heads can be a very big advantage in the market and allows you to remain competitive.

Calculate production time

The calculation of the production time is very important in embroidery, otherwise there can be massive delays in delivery. Depending on the number of stitches, thread cuts and colour changes, the results can be very different. An exact calculation is therefore highly recommended.

In most developed countries, labour costs are by far the biggest cost factor in embroidery. Therefore, a comparison of the production times of an order on different machines can be very important. The more efficiently you use this valuable manpower, the more money is left over from each order — which ultimately also helps to secure jobs.

Embroidery cost calculation

Control over costs is essential for your success. In the case of embroidery this is somewhat more complicated and many cost factors have to be taken into account. If you set your prices too low, you lose money and if you are too high, you lose orders. With the Melco Calculator you finally have total control over your costs!

ROI for new investments

Would you like to know whether an investment in a new project or new machines is worthwhile? Calculate the Return-on-Investment (ROI) and you know it! You will also know how long it will take you to amortize your investment. The comparison shows you your saving potential over a certain period of time. If you now divide these costs for your investment by this amount, you will receive the ROI. This number helps you to make your project attractive to investors and banks.

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