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Our embroidery machines

efficient, flexible and user-friendly

With the introduction of the Melco AMAYA embroidery machine in 2003, we revolutionised the embroidery world. With its modular system, automated thread tension and incredible speed, it outshone everything seen before in terms of performance, flexibility and ease of use. This tradition of innovation was later continued with the AMAYA XT, AMAYA XTS and Melco EMT16 models. Our current model, the Melco EMT16X, is the highlight of this development for the time being. Follow the link to learn more about our single-head and multi-head embroidery machines. Find out more about our embroidery machines here:

Melco EMT16X embroidery machine

The Melco EMT16X offers you 19 unique advantages for your embroidery business. In the development phase, great emphasis was placed on maximum productivity, flexibility and simplicity. The result is an incomparable embroidery machine that sets new standards in the industry.

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Modular multi-head embroidery machines

Compared to conventional multi-head embroidery machines, our modular multi-head embroidery machines offer you up to 100% more efficiency and up to 50% lower production costs. Here's how it works.

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Used embroidery machines

If your budget is limited, it might be interesting for you to have a look at our used embroidery machines. We only sell our own embroidery machines, and they are all completely revised by our technicians and sold with guarantee.

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