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DesignShop 11 LETTERING

Powerful lettering, easy-to-use and basic editing!

Are you new to digitizing and want to be able to create beautiful lettering or make small changes to existing designs directly on your Melco embroidery machine? DesignShop 11 LETTERING is the ideal level for you. Here's more:

Important features of DesignShop 11 LETTERING

Design Checker New with DesignShop 11

Design Checker gives one click evaluation and feedback for wireframe designs and text. It will check your design for the most common design problems so that they can be fixed before production problems occur. Among the things Design Checker looks for are incorrect or missing tie stitches, very short or very long stitches, excessive density, missing underlay, and too many layers of thread. To fix a problem, just double-click on the problem and change the settings as instructed. This DesignShop-exclusive feature will save you time in production as well as training.


175+ Alphabets New with DesignShop 11

With DesignShop 11 LETTERING you get 175+ professionally digitized Alphabets to create beautiful designs for your customers with ease.

15 Monogram Alphabets New with DesignShop 11

DesignShop 11 LETTERING offers 15 monogram alphabets with 80+ decorations so you can take your customization game to the next level.

Two Puff Alphabets New with DesignShop 11

We've added two puff alphabets which allow you to create puff embroidery designs in a few seconds and offer your clients a very popular stitch effect.

Lettering Shapes and Path

DesignShop 11 LETTERING comes with 5 different ways of how you can put letters on a path or in a box. With this feature you can create unique and creative lettering with just a few clicks.

Lettering Compensation New with DesignShop 11

Alphabet text can be recognized easily because the letters rarely sew out with a consistent height and base line. Therefore, lettering needs to be adjusted for fabric push in order to be consistent and look pleasing to the eye. Our new Lettering Compensation feature does that tedious job for you with one click and you'll get better quality lettering for your customers to enjoy.


Flat Fill for Lettering New with DesignShop 11

Using the flat fill mode allows users to take any alphabet text and instantly convert the letters into a flat step stitch fill. This is a must for large letters (think back of a jacket) and increases the quality of your large lettering.


Lettering Trim Options New with DesignShop 11

DesignShop v11 makes trim properties easier to use. There are new one-click options for «trim between letters», «trim between words» and «trim when specified».

Auto-Underlay with Presets New with DesignShop 11

The Auto-Underlay Presets offer an instant way to change underlay values for lettering and designs. With one-click you can adjust an entire design that was originally set up for a light garment to sew beautifully on a thick knit fabric.

The Melco Advantage

At Melco we always put efficiency, quality and ease-of-use first when we develop solutions for garment decorators. Because we're the only manufacturer in the industry who produces and develops their own software and embroidery machines, we can also offer you some unique advantages when combining our products with each other. Here are some advantages with DesignShop 11 that are available for all software levels:

OFM – the industry's smartest file format!

The OFM file format is unique in the industry and can only be created with DesignShop! Unlike other file formats in embroidery, the file format is the same on the machine and in the digitizing software, meaning you don't have to export your digitizing projects to a machine format every time. This allows us to store all production-relevant information on a single file instead of just stitch and trim information (think DST etc.). The OFM format therefore contains not only stitch information, but also colour information and information on special effect settings — all this reduces setup times and production errors greatly. Since the machine can also work with vector files which are also in OFM, the size of the embroidery design can be reduced and enlarged by up to 20% without loss of quality which helps when using «Laser Registration».

Export (almost) any format

DesignShop 11 supports a broad spectrum of industry standard file types, including DST, EXP, EPS, PES and more. Plus, it is the only software that can create OFM files.


Organize your production process with barcodes

Streamline your production process with design barcoding. By using a barcode reader at anytime to recall the design, you can eliminate the need to search for design files on hard drives or disks.

Built-in Thread Charts

Built-in charts for Isacord, Madeira and other major industry brands allow you to match the colours from your graphic file to your favourite thread brand and type.