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Embroidery Software

Melco DesignShop V10 — The professional digitizing software from the inventor of the digitizing software!

We are the inventor of the first computer-controlled embroidery system Digitrac and are still market leaders in this field today. Our latest digitizing software, Melco DesignShop V10, offers you more features than any other embroidery software on the market. Even if you've never used embroidery software, the intuitive and easy-to-use interface will help you create embroidery designs in no time. Learn more:

The main features of DesignShop V10

Convert vector graphics into embroidery designs

Convert virtually any type of artwork into digital embroidery files in no time. DesignShop V10 has powerful graphics capabilities that allow for quick conversion to stitches and easy settings. You can also turn an embroidery design into vector files without having to use another program or switch to another screen.

Changes are visible immediately

Changes are displayed directly on the screen with the Melco DesignShop V10 embroidery software. You can decide immediately whether the selected settings correspond with your ideas.


Total control over the lettering

DesignShop V10 takes lettering to a new level with features such as anchor point editing, advanced stitch editing, and automatic boundaries. DesignShop V10 features state-of-the-art lettering capabilities for all embroidery alphabets and true-type conversion. You can even create your own alphabets.

Digitizing Wizard

The Digitizing Wizard helps import vector graphics and offers automatic colour recognition, automatic stitch effect recognition and an automatic overlap function.

Stitch directions and dividers

With the Melco DesignShop V10 embroidery software, any number of stitch directions and dividers can be inserted into a complex fill. This makes even the creation of complicated designs child's play.

Scale, rotate, align, group, and revise

DesignShop V10 features the latest editing tools, as well as advanced stitch editing features, auto-sequencing, automatic stitch editing, and more.

Impressive effects

The Melco DesignShop V10 features key special effects such as «Jagged Edges» for puncturing animals and colour gradients, or to make transitions invisible. Your creativity knows no limits.

Colour gradients made easy

The gradient effect of the Melco DesignShop V10 embroidery software makes it possible to create colour gradients by adjusting the distance between the stitches.

Group name feature facilitates personalization

The Melco DesignShop V10 group name feature is ideal for providing garments with a single name or serial number. The names are copied from an Excel file and saved individually as desired or placed in the hoop. Increase your efficiency!

Finished product simulation saves time and material

What you see on the screen is what you get as embroidery.

DesignShop V10 offers different views to visualize stitches, colours, and the final result. The screen / project view allows you to view the finished product before embroidering. DesignShop V10 also offers an innovative application feature (the first of its kind in the industry) that allows you to display the individual applications along with different fabrics on the screen to get a realistic impression of the finished design.