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Embroidery Software

Melco DesignShop 11 — The professional digitizing software from the inventor of the digitizing software!

We are the inventor of the first computer-controlled embroidery system «Digitrac» and are still market leaders in this field today. Our latest digitizing software, Melco DesignShop 11, was developed with a focus on efficiency, quality, creativity and offers you more features than any other embroidery software on the market for a fair and affordable price. Even if you've never used embroidery software, the intuitive and easy-to-use interface will help you create embroidery designs in no time.

What's new in DesignShop 11?

DesignShop 11 builds on the successful DesignShop v10. While a lot of existing features have been improved upon, a large amount of completely new and ground-breaking features such as the «Design Checker» have been added to make high-quality digitizing as easy and efficient as possible.

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DesignShop 11 Software Levels

DesignShop 11 comes in four different software levels. Each one offers a lot of bang for your bucks and allows you to create the designs your customers want. To find out which software level you need, read the following:


DesignShop LETTERING comes with 175+ alphabets, 15 monogram alphabets and 80+ decorations. To make the start into digitizing easier, it has a set of presets for auto-underlay and the user can edit wireframes which allows editing of existing embroidery designs directly on the embroidery machine.

Who is it for?

If you're a beginner in digitizing and want to be able to create lettering or make small changes to designs, DesignShop LETTERING is the ideal level for you.

More about LETTERING




DesignShop EDITOR comes with all the features of LETTERING plus you'll get advanced editing features, basic digitizing features and you can personalize by copying names from an Excel sheet into «Group Names» and fill a hoop with multiple names in seconds.

Who is it for?

Are you an embroiderer with a focus on efficiency and quality? Do you often have to edit stitch-based embroidery files (DST etc.), do you want to personalize products and create name tags? Then DesignShop 11 EDITOR is the perfect tool for you!

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DesignShop VECTOR comes with all the features of LETTERING as well as EDITOR. It allows you to digitize designs efficiently and use vector files as a basis to create your own embroidery designs. The «Graphic Conversion Assistant» helps you to learn to digitize and guides you through the process of digitizing step-by-step.

Who is it for?

Are you an embroiderer that wants to have total control over their embroidery quality, but you're not yet an experienced digitizer? Then, DesignShop 11 VECTOR is the perfect tool for you!

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DesignShop PROFESSIONAL comes with all the features of LETTERING, EDITOR and VECTOR. It offers you all the tools needed to create impressive high-quality designs for your customers and allows you to work more efficiently with a lot of comfort functions — the choice for the PRO!

Who is it for?

Looking for a digitizing software that gives you all the tools and allows you to work as efficiently as possible? DesignShop PROFESSIONAL is THE solution for you!


The Melco Advantage

At Melco we always put efficiency, quality and ease-of-use first when we develop solutions for garment decorators. Because we're the only manufacturer in the industry who produces and develops their own software and embroidery machines, we can also offer you some unique advantages when combining our products with each other. Here are some advantages with DesignShop 11 that are available for all software levels:

OFM – the industry's smartest file format!

The OFM file format is unique in the industry and can only be created with DesignShop! Unlike other file formats in embroidery, the file format is the same on the machine and in the digitizing software, meaning you don't have to export your digitizing projects to a machine format every time. This allows us to store all production-relevant information on a single file instead of just stitch and trim information (think DST etc.). The OFM format therefore contains not only stitch information, but also colour information and information on special effect settings — all this reduces setup times and production errors greatly. Since the machine can also work with vector files which are also in OFM, the size of the embroidery design can be reduced and enlarged by up to 20% without loss of quality which helps when using «Laser Registration».

Export (almost) any format

DesignShop 11 supports a broad spectrum of industry standard file types, including DST, EXP, EPS, PES and more. Plus, it is the only software that can create OFM files.


Organize your production process with barcodes

Streamline your production process with design barcoding. By using a barcode reader at anytime to recall the design, you can eliminate the need to search for design files on hard drives or disks.

Built-in Thread Charts

Built-in charts for Isacord, Madeira and other major industry brands allow you to match the colours from your graphic file to your favourite thread brand and type.