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THE digitizing software for professionals!

Looking for a digitizing software that gives you all the tools and allows you to work as efficiently as possible? DesignShop PROFESSIONAL helps you to work more efficiently and boost your business with more creative designs. It contains all features of the levels LETTERING, EDITOR and VECTOR as well as the following:

Important features of DesignShop 11 PROFESSIONAL

Save up to 20% of your time with Auto-Sequence

«Auto-Sequence» automates time-consuming digitizing tasks like setting entry and exit points as well as add walk stitches to connect elements. This also minimizes colour changes in a design which in turn improves efficiency in your production.


Create beautiful natural designs using Curved Splice Lines

The fact that you can use curved splice and stitch direction lines gives you the possibility to create natural looking designs that look almost like they're hand-made. This will also make the fur of animals in your digitizing projects come to life.


Better quality and more flexibility by using Break Objects

This function allows you to break objects which are spliced and you can define the overlapping. This makes it easier to adjust an already digitized design to another size and you get the best quality possible for every size of the design.


Library of Decorative Stitches New with DesignShop 11

DesignShop 11 comes with a large library of decorative stitch patterns. We've added 46 exciting new patterns that can really spice up your designs and lettering.


Distortion Effects

«Distortion Effects» can blow your customers away when used for the right designs. Give your designs a new dimension!

Offset Outline

Most of the time, the push and pull effect in embroidery makes reproducing a shape accurately a challenge. A border around the shape helps to cover this undesirable effect up. However, such a border makes the design bigger which can cause problems of its own. With «Offset Outline» you can compensate for this easily.


Primer and Basting Stitch New with DesignShop 11

«Primer Stitch» should make your live easier and let you focus on the main tasks when digitizing. It creates a fill area below your whole design or lettering element with just one click. This can be used to tackle down any material such as fleece etc. or to stabilize your design as a whole. Should you have a difficult garment which you can’t hoop properly, you can use the «Basting Stitch» to secure the garment on the hooped backing and remove the stitches easily after the embroidery is done.

More Flexibility with Change Element Type

With the feature «Change Element Type» every element in your design can be changed into another element type with just one click. This makes resizing a design much easier.


Combine and Subtract Elements

Use the drawing you have for multiple elements in your design without having to redraw them, remove overlapping wherever you want. This makes digitizing complex shapes a lot easier!


Stitch Graphic Region

Irregular shapes usually take a long time to draw. The «Stitch Graphic Region» is the ideal tool to save time doing this. Just click on a shape and it is converted into stitches within seconds.


Auto-Splice and Direction Lines

Are you in a hurry? Just click on a vector object and the splice and stitch direction lines are added automatically. This can save you a lot of time.

Combine Curved Stitch Directions and Decorative Stitches

While the «Library of Decorative Stitches» and «Curved Stitch Direction Lines» are amazing features by themselves, they really take your digitizing to the next level when you combine the two. Whenever you have to fill large areas, simply use this combination to create truly unique and stunning effects your clients will love.

The Melco Advantage

At Melco we always put efficiency, quality and ease-of-use first when we develop solutions for garment decorators. Because we're the only manufacturer in the industry who produces and develops their own software and embroidery machines, we can also offer you some unique advantages when combining our products with each other. Here are some advantages with DesignShop 11 that are available for all software levels:

OFM – the industry's smartest file format!

The OFM file format is unique in the industry and can only be created with DesignShop! Unlike other file formats in embroidery, the file format is the same on the machine and in the digitizing software, meaning you don't have to export your digitizing projects to a machine format every time. This allows us to store all production-relevant information on a single file instead of just stitch and trim information (think DST etc.). The OFM format therefore contains not only stitch information, but also colour information and information on special effect settings — all this reduces setup times and production errors greatly. Since the machine can also work with vector files which are also in OFM, the size of the embroidery design can be reduced and enlarged by up to 20% without loss of quality which helps when using «Laser Registration».

Export (almost) any format

DesignShop 11 supports a broad spectrum of industry standard file types, including DST, EXP, EPS, PES and more. Plus, it is the only software that can create OFM files.


Organize your production process with barcodes

Streamline your production process with design barcoding. By using a barcode reader at anytime to recall the design, you can eliminate the need to search for design files on hard drives or disks.

Built-in Thread Charts

Built-in charts for Isacord, Madeira and other major industry brands allow you to match the colours from your graphic file to your favourite thread brand and type.