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Testing embroidery machines

Choose the right embroidery machine with our comparison of embroidery machines.

Investing in an embroidery machine is perhaps one of the most important decision you will make for your business. And there are countless embroidery machines available on the market. But which is the right machine for you? Melco has developed a simple embroidery machine test to help you find the right machine for your business model. Irrespective of the recommendations of the specialist dealers, you can compare the different models and decide on a suitable embroidery machine by answering the following questions:

Melco's embroidery machine test – find the perfect machine now

For the embroidery machine test, Melco weighted various performance factors and included the most important ones in the test. This allows you to quickly and easily apply the embroidery machine test to multiple models. Here are the most important factors:


Test no. 1: The speed of embroidery machines

A decisive success factor is the production time. This depends on the one hand on the embroidery speed itself, and on the other hand on the stitch length at which this speed can be maintained. In order to maintain the desired embroidery quality, machines automatically reduce the speed for a certain stitch length. This varies greatly from machine to machine. We therefore recommend that you obtain and compare this information for your desired models. Clarify the speed for colour changes and thread cuts, which are also crucial to production time. If you have the opportunity to test your desired models on site, you should choose the same embroidery goods and the same colours for each model. This is the only way to reliably compare speed, stitch length and embroidery quality.


Test no. 2: Operation of embroidery machines

The time required to set up an embroidery machine is a further decisive factor. Different customer requirements require frequent changes between different embroidery designs, textiles and thread colours. The following factors are decisive for the setup of embroidery machines, which you should clarify and compare in the embroidery machine test:


Test no. 3: Flexibility of embroidery machines

Frequently changing customer requirements require that embroidery machines can embroider a wide range of different products at high speed. In order to test the flexibility of embroidery machines, it is a good idea to embroider baseball caps. Caps have a rather unusual and challenging shape and the embroidery height is a very important factor here. If you know of other items that your customers frequently have embroidered, include them in the test as well. This is the only way to ensure that your new embroidery machine can meet customer requirements.