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Modular multi-head embroidery machines

Make your embroidery production more productive, flexible and cost-effective!

Compared to conventional multi-head embroidery machines, our modular multi-head embroidery machines offer you up to 100% more efficiency and up to 50% lower production costs. Here's how this unique system works:

What is a modular multi-head system?

A modular embroidery machine system combines the advantages of conventional multi-head embroidery machines with the advantages of conventional single-head embroidery machines. This is done by connecting between 2 and 30 single-head machines over a network and controlling them from a single computer. This allows you to...

  • machines with just one click and then load the same design on all of them and change settings simultaniously — just like on a conventional multi-head machine. This minimizes set-up times.
  • have all machines produce independently of each other — just like a single-head machine. So when one machine is at a standstill, all other machines continue to produce.
  • ...minimize downtime so drastically that your productivity can increase by up to 100%.

Thanks to all these factors you save up to 50% of your embroidery production costs!

Case Study – Increasing efficiency through the modular system

The biggest cost factor in embroidery in most developed countries is labour costs and thus production time. In order to remain competitive and deliver as quickly as possible, it is therefore essential to use the valuable workforce as efficiently as possible — this is best achieved with the modular system. The following video shows a comparison between two 6-head embroidery machines, one modular and the other conventional:

Further advantages of the modular system

In addition to huge downtime savings, the Melco EMT16X modular multi-head embroidery machine offers many more benefits to help your business succeed in today's embroidery market. Today, order sizes for embroidery are getting smaller and smaller while the number of orders continues to grow. Customers expect fast delivery at low costs. To be competitive in this situation, the following points are guaranteed to help you:

Up to 100% more productive than conventional multi-head embroidery machines

  • With single-head machines, a much higher stitching speed of up to 1500 SPM is possible. Unlike a multi-head machine, only one hoop needs to be moved and this lower weight can be moved faster.
  • Instead of stopping the whole production line, only one machine stops when a thread or needle breaks — solving the problem does not require the aggravation of other machines.

Highly flexible production

  • Remove a machine at any time for rush orders and sample production.
  • Produce something different on every machine or a large order on all of them — the production adapts.

Adjust your production to the order sizes

The modular system allows you to use exactly as many machines as needed for each job. This helps with the following:

  • Even small jobs become lucrative — no heads have to be switched off, they can already tackle the next job.
  • If you want to make 6 pieces with a 4-head machine, 2 heads must be switched off during the second production run. Not with Melco — you will never again have to hope your customers order in multiples of your machine head count.

Your production grows with your business

For many new embroidery companies, conventional multi-head embroidery machines are initially too expensive. Therefore, they buy either a conventional single-head machine or a multi-head machine with too much capacity. If their need grows then they have to trade in their single-head machine and face the same decision about how many heads they have to buy this time again. With the modular system, your production grows with your needs and you can start with a manageable initial investment. Start with one machine and add more at any time if needed.

Benefit from «Mass Customization»

Because all machines work independently in a modular Melco system, mass customisation becomes very profitable. If a customer orders shirts, each embroidered with an individual name, no heads need to be switched off. With the design queue, the computer even automatically sends the next name (design) to an embroidery machine that has just completed its previous job. The user only needs to change the hoop and press «Start».

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