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We make embroidery profitable and easy for beginners

Thanks to first-class service and products optimised for you

You want to make your hobby your profession? Would you like to take the plunge into self-employment? Do you own a corporate fashion, clothing or sports shop and would like to decorate your products yourself? Are you an advertising technology company or advertising agency that wants to offer its customers an all-round service? Would you like to decorate your products in front of your customers at events or in your shop? You are a garment decorator, but you haven't dared to embroider yet? You already embroider with a small household machine and would like to have a professional machine? Then you have come to the right place! Here you can read why:

Master your start into embroidery with us

Entering a new business is always a challenge. We are aware of this and therefore offer you the following:

  • Experienced and competent support
  • Initial training included in machine price
  • Training and further education at a high level
  • Attractive financing options

The embroidery machine for beginners

Our customers benefit from many of the unique advantages of the Melco EMT16X embroidery machine, giving them a market advantage over their competitors. Here are a few highlights from the feature list of the embroidery machine:

  • Easy to operate
  • The most productive and flexible embroidery machine on the market
  • Unique features and comfort features
  • Achieve break-even faster than with any other embroidery machine

More about our embroidery machine

Embroider (almost) everything

Our embroidery machine is extremely versatile and allows you to embroider a variety of items. For example:

  • Decorate corporate fashion, give-aways, baby and sporting goods of all kinds
  • Personalize pet accessories or car accessories
  • Embroider headwear, shirts, shoes, bags, backpacks etc.
  • Produce badges, patches, name tags and borders
  • Embroider on every material — from leather to silk

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A strong partner for you

As the only manufacturer of embroidery machines and embroidery software that sells directly to customers, we understand your needs and are committed to meeting them:


«All our products are developed with the win-win philosophy in mind. This way, we ensure that our customers have the best possible tools to be successful.»

Peter Niedermann, VP of Product Management Melco


We offer you everything — embroidery machines and software, corresponding training, experienced technicians and lots of accessories — we are your partner for everything to do with embroidery.

Fast and sustainable economic success

If you want to start embroidering, it is essential that you consider the production capacity needed to achieve your economic goals. Ask yourself this:

«How many items do I have to embroider per day to be profitable and what does it cost per item?» 

To simplify these calculations for you, we have developed the Melco Calculator. With this free web service you can calculate transparently, easily and in a flash how much capacity you need, how long the production takes and what it costs you. If you have any questions about this, we are here for you!

    More about the Melco Calculator

    These companies started their journey into embroidery with us

    Liquisign OHG – Corporate Fashion at the highest level

    Liquisign OHG
    Friedrichstr. 77
    57518 Betzdorf

    Liquisign was founded in 2000 and currently employs about 45 people in the two business areas of advertising technology and corporate fashion. Liquisign Corporate Fashion covers the areas of embroidery, printing and sewing, as well as the trade, with garments and the production of special collections.

    «For us, workwear with passion means the manufacture, finishing and delivery of high-quality workwear. Your brand and logo are always at the centre of our activities. An important building block for our high quality standards is our in-house production and our technically competent team of employees. This guarantees fast delivery times and a high degree of flexibility for special requests», say the managing directors Florian Baldus and Daniel Geldsetzer.

    «Back in 2003, when we invested in our first Melco embroidery machine, we were able to convince ourselves of the modular single-head system. From the very beginning, we had a partner in Melco who took our needs very seriously. The ability to quickly scale our production as order numbers increased is also one of our success factors», the managing directors say.

    Liquisign now has more than 30 embroidery machines in operation. Liquisign currently decorates just over 500,000 garments per year in all the areas mentioned above. In order to provide sufficient space for further expansion, a new office and production building will be put into operation at the beginning of 2020, shortly before the 20th anniversary of the company.